Black Squared, 2013
Black Squared, 2013
Black Squared, 2013

Dimensions: 12″ (W) x 12″ (L) x 2" (D)

Lenticular print

Printed by RWC, Texas

Edition size of 20 + 3 APs

Courtesy of Studio Babak Golkar and WAAP


In Black Squared (2013) a lenticular lens has been mounted over multiple prints of black polygons. The spectator standing in front of the work experiences the illusion of a cube rotating in a two-dimensional space. If the spectator moves from left to right, they will experience a 360 degree move around the black cube. Circling the black cube recalls the ritual of circumnavigating the Ka'ba, the most minimalist architectural space in Islamic culture, located in the middle of Mecca. In the museum context the work's "flat" surface also conjures Vladimir Malevich's "Black Square".



Black Squared

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